2016 Spring Conference

  • May 14, 2016
  • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Arapahoe Community College Arapahoe Community College Art and Design Center at 2400 W. Alamo Ave, Littleton, Co 80160

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ART for US
May 14, 2016

The CAEA Spring Art Conference focuses on the artist in each of us. It is a time for us to come together and make creative endeavors! Learn from leading artists from the state of Colorado. We will be featuring Ceramics, Pastels, Casting, Photography, Screen Printing and Collage.

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Located at  

Arapahoe Community College
Art and Design Center   
2400 W. Alamo Ave,  Littleton, CO 80160

On-site registration and breakfast opens at 7:30am. 11:00am door prize gathering with 1 hour lunch break to follow.  

Early Registration Closes on May 5th

Conference Cost
Early Registration: 

CAEA Members: $65 + materials fee
Non Members: $105 + materials fee

After May 1st and On Site Registration:

CAEA Members: $85 + materials fee
Non Members: $125 + materials fee

Master Class Offerings

Solar Etching-“Printing with the Sun”

Instructor-  Ramona Lapsley


Solar plate etching is a process of using a light sensitive plate and the sun to create an intaglio etching.  It is an acid free etching process that has both advantages and limitations.  Participants will use pre-generated images on transparencies and expose them to the sun thus locking in their design.  We will expose the plate and then learn the process of inking and wiping the plate to print the image with the use of the printing press.

$20.00 materials fee - for solar plate, inks, printmaking papers and a bunch of misc. items.

Maximun class size: 10 registrants 


Instructor- Donna Lyons


Watercolor Class

This class will be presented in a manner that will benefit all levels of painters. This class will explore composition, design and values placement. Techniques of brushwork will be practiced along with the use of color to express emotion and ideas. Methods of adapting this information in the classroom will be discussed as well.

Artist Biography:

One of few plein air painters who work in watercolor, Donna usually completes her paintings all in one sitting outdoors in the inspiring beauty of the Kawuneeche Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park near Grand Lake, Colorado, where she maintains a home and studio. She also travels with painting friends to record other landscapes in watercolor. Donna has degrees in Art and Art Education and teaches watercolor workshops throughout the West.

$10.00 Materials fee for watercolor paper and all other materials will be provided by instructor.

Collage and Mixed Media Workshop

Instructor:  Barbara Couse Wilson


During the workshop, participants will learn how to create  beautiful papers to use in their collages and mixed media artworks.  Focus will be on color harmony, value, and composition.  Participants will create mixed media works, using their created papers and various other collage elements.  Demonstrations will include pouring, dripping and resist techniques, as well as masking, stamping, and incorporating drawing pencils, inks, and pastels in mixed media works.

Demonstrations will include pouring, dripping and resist techniques, as well as masking, stamping, and incorporating drawing pencils, inks, and pastels in mixed media works.

Artist Biography:

Artist and teacher, Barbara Wilson, has exhibited her works in several of the United States, as well as in other countries.  She shares her love of creating by teaching classes in several media.  She is currently represented by Deep Space Gallery, Parker, Colorado.

Wilson combines often disparate collage elements into her mixed media works; metal, wire, glass, organic and found objects often appear.   She always keeps in mind that the collage elements must serve the theme and meld into a cohesive finished whole.  Acrylics are her medium of choice for works including collage elements because of their versatility and fast drying time.  Layers of thin acrylic glazes give depth and mystery, allowing shapes either to recede or come forward.  Spattering, dripping and pouring, as well as painting and then rubbing out areas helps achieve the many layered look Wilson seeks. Her works have impact from a distance and draw the viewer in to look more closely at the subtle differences in color, value and texture.

No materials fee, artist will send materials list 

“Speaking of the Head” Clay

Instructor- Gayla Lemke

Speaking of the Head….

In this class, students will construct small ceramic heads/faces using basic hand building techniques such as pinching and coiling. Both wall hanging and freestanding sculptures will be explored. Carving and attention to surface texture that reflect a personal narrative will be emphasized. Color will be added with under glazes and stains. While the pieces will not be fired or completely finished due to the logistics of clay, students will be provided with information and instructions on how to finish and fire the pieces.

Artist Biography:

Gayla Lemke received a BFA in printmaking from the University of Hawaii and an MA from the University of South Florida. Gayla visited the medium of ceramics periodically during her early years as an artist but it wasn’t until moving to Colorado that she was enticed into ceramic sculpture by the versatility of clay. She still works in other media as well, but clay is her main focus. Gayla is a member of Edge Gallery in Denver and teaches at the Art Students League of Denver.

Materials Fee $10.00 for Underglaze and stain. 

Drawing the figure-

 through sculptor’s eyes

Instructor Yenni Tawahade


This figure-drawing course allows students to exercise anddevelop both observational and constructive drawing skills.  Students continue their study of gesture, the effect of light and shade on form, planes, constructive anatomy techniques, and learn proportional techniques from a sculptor’s point of view.  Students will explore the uses charcoal, conté crayon and inks on various drawing surfaces.  Students will be able to improve their ability to see clearly and understand what they are looking at.  Learning to integrate all the visual elements like volume, planes, anatomy, and gesture; they will development confidence in drawing the human body.

Model fee $12

Artist Biography:

Denver artist Yenni Tawahade traveled from Ethiopia to America in 1974 to study in pursuit of knowledge and new experiences at the age of 16. After two year living the American Experience he found his first true love – fine arts. After receiving a BA from Olivet College in Michigan he continued the study of human anatomy and figurative sculpture with nationally renowned artist and teachers Jay Holland and Russell Kietter at the center for creative studies in Detroit.

Before receiving his MFA from Howard university in 2011 he was an assistant teacher to internationally known master sculptor Valentin Okorokov. Due to Yenni’s continued development of his skills and understanding of the human form and structure in a more refined way he now teaches figurative drawing at RMCAD and Arapahoe Community College. He also teaches Classical Figure sculpture at ASLD.

Materials- $12.00 Figure Fee

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