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Welcome to the Colorado Art Education Association!

Welcome to our information, membership, and event registration website for art educators, museum educators, artists, and many more supporters of the arts.


The Mission of CAEA is to strengthen, advance, and promote the vital role of visual arts education in the State of Colorado. To achieve this mission, the goals of CAEA are:

• Represent and advance the interests of arts educators at the state and national level. CAEA does through encouraging research and experimentation, holding public discussions, conferences and programs,sponsoring institutes, publishing articles, reports, and surveys, and working with related organizations and agencies.

• Advocate and promote the importance of every Colorado student having access to highly qualified visual art education at every grade level.

• Provide leadership and guidance by offering professional development programming, publications, and conferences that model exemplary visual art education practices.

• Collaborate with visual arts related organizations and agencies to provide a comprehensive statewide network of visual arts education resources.

• Maintain an Executive and Representative Council committed to excellence in visual arts education, who are aware of and uphold its responsibilities to members and the community with consistency and integrity.

CAEA holds two art conferences each year offering our community the opportunity to improve both artistically and educationally. Regionally, there are many opportunities to meet and further the professional development and artistic growth of our teachers and educational needs of students. We offer scholarships to both students and educators and a forum for promoting the arts. We also publish an educational art journal, Collage for our members, with three publications a year.

If you are new to our site and community, we hope you will join us...

Very Sincerely,

DJ Osmack, President CAEA


CALL or TEXT the Answering Service: 1-719-422-3599

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Colorado Art Education Association  

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