Supporting Art Education in Colorado

CAEA Advocacy

The Mission of CAEA is to strengthen, advance, and promote the vital role of visual arts education in the State of Colorado.

CAEA offers membership numerous professional development opportunities to exceed the academic needs of Colorado's art students, and to refine their own artistic practice. We offer scholarships to both students and educators, facilitate state college and university connections for post secondary matriculation, organize state-wide traveling art exhibitions, support a variety of satellite arts programs, and publish an educational art journal, Collage.

CAEA Advocacy Task Force Chairs represent CAEA in various capacities throughout the year, such as participating with the Colorado Arts Education Coalition, to further support the strength and vitality of Art Education in the state of Colorado. 


ANSWERING SERVICE: 1-719-422-3599

Colorado Art Education Association  

P.O. Box 4955
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